Visiting Sedona – Tips for Getting Around for Maximum Fun!

The famous Arizona town Sedona has an undeniable magical quality that attracts thousands of tourists every month. The art, thrilling hiking trails and the positive energy coming off the vortexes, Sedona does offer a gorgeous intersection of elevation and landscapes. For all the tourists who are planning their Sedona visit, this piece of information is going to come handy as we are about to talk about the getting around tips for maximum fun.

When is the Right Time to Visit?

Winter is an ideal time to visit as the rising temperatures drive tourists father south to places like Tucson and Phoenix. This leaves more room and better bargain options for people who are traveling. If you try and book hotel rooms online during this time, chances are you will end up getting better discounts.

Enjoy the scenery under budget as the best place to witness and soak up nature is free of cost to visit. Head to the Sedona’s main attraction Red Rocks where you can opt for free hike or a scenic drive with your family.

Getting Around

The best way to explore this wonderful place without burning a hole in your pocket is by renting a car. The bus service is also useful but many of the region’s trails are situated far away from the town so bus would not help much. There are numerous Phoenix to Sedona shuttle services available so you can use them for getting around and then rent a car once you arrive in town.

What not to Miss?

Jeep Tours – If hiking trails have tired you but you still have appetite for witnessing the natural wonders then Jeep Tours is one other thing that you can opt for. This popular activity among tourists is usually led by guides and varies as per the theme and activity levels. People who are history buffs can choose the Ancient Ruin Tour and for more of an adrenaline rush, opt for Soldier Pass Trail.

Chapel of the Holy Cross 

This is one popular cultural site which is majorly known for the peaceful atmosphere and the spectacular views. The afternoons and evenings are usually crowded here so visit during mornings for tranquil experience.

For Comfortable Stay

There are a lot of staying options around the city and to make sure you get your hold on good ones, check online hotel deals in advance. There are plenty of hotel reviewer sites where you can compare few hotels to know the best deals as per your budget.

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