Experience Miami on a Budget – Frequent Travelers Guide!

A glamorous sun drenched paradise; Miami is any nomad’s dream destination. Famous for wild parties, cruises, Cuban culture, eye-catching Art drenched buildings and of course the glitzy South Beach, Miami is rightfully labeled as the Magic City. Right from socialites to aristocrats to celebrities and wealthy tourists, everybody loves to visit here. So if you are planning a Miami vacation soon and are worried about your budget, check out this guide now. Right from tips on bookings hotel rooms online to checking online hotel deals, we will share the inside story with you all.

Hit the Beach

If you are a beach bum then you don’t need to spend a fortune to experience the beautiful beaches. The place is filled with sunny and free-access beaches like Surfside, Lummus Park Beach, South Beach and Haulover Park where you can have gala time with your family by sightseeing and eating at colorful and trendy restaurants.

Swing by the Gables Art Walk

Every first Friday of the month, visitors can get to stroll around Gables Art Walk for free from seven to ten in the morning. This is also an amazing way to spend a day with your family and you can dine out at a fancy restaurant later with the money saved.

A Cosmic Spectacle

If you are traveling with kids, awe them with the sights of Milky Way and far-off galaxies at the WeintraubObvservatory Star Show that happens in Miami Science Museum. The amazing thing is that it is held free of cost every first Friday of the month.

Watch Free Outdoor Movies

Every Wednesday during the evening, the Miami Beach Soundscape offers free outdoor movie shows to everyone, so grab a drink, sit in a group, make new friends and bond over your favorite movies.

Visit the Everglades National Park

This famous national park is home to a dozen of endangered species and it offers plenty of opportunities for camping, walking and canoeing. The admission fee is also quite minimal for the number of activities one gets to choose from. So do plan a trip there.


Image result for Fishing in miami

Fishing here is free for adults and children during some weekends and if you keep a check in advance, you might be able to grab a deal that you don’t want to miss. So make plans beforehand and take your family out on a memorable fishing trip.

Budget Friendly Stay

Miami is home to several budget friendly resorts and hotels and if you compare few hotels on hotel reviewer sites in advance, you will surely get a good deal.

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