Reasons to Visit Sonoma on your Next U.S. Trip!

There are so many famous places to visit in U.S. that sometimes it becomes hard to decide on one. But if you are looking for a place that offers solace under budget and is kind of a wine lover paradise, we have a suggestion for you. Sonoma, a wine-filled bliss on the California’s pocket is a charming place that is easy going and less crowded. The rolling roads, waterfalls and beautiful beaches are enough to set the holiday mood.

What are the reasons that make Sonoma special?

  • Sonoma offers a more tucked-away feeling and is perfect for couples looking for a quaint and romantic setting under budget.
  • Riverfront Regional Park here is an oasis of hiking, canoeing and biking where you can have your own adventure minus the hustle-bustle like other usual crowded places
  • Francis Ford Coppola Winery is a must visit if you enjoy ornate décor, private pool cabanas and top-notch restaurants.
  • The coastline is as beautiful as it can get, it is dreamy and a perfect place to unwind and bid your tensions good bye. Plus there are beach walks, hiking and biking opportunity as well
  • Sonoma Plaza here represents charming village life with galleries, restaurants and cafes nestled in sunny courtyards and historic buildings. It is so amazing that you would almost want to move in there.
  • Some local tour groups will take you to various vineyards and wineries through country roads and turn it into a dreamy road tour or you have an option to rent a bike and explore them on your own
  • Apart from the adventurous opportunities, you will also get a chance to witness mesmerizing waterfalls and wildflowers in their natural habitat

Some of the famous places to visit include Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, Sonoma Coast State Park, Benziger Family Winery, Cline Cellars,Safari West and Simraceway Performance Driving School.

Getting around

Wineries are open year round so you don’t have to worry about planning a tour at a particular time period. June to October months are usually crowded so you might want to book hotel rooms online in advance by checking online hotel deals to avoid spending extra. The months from November and May are quieter and you can expect to get better prices during this time. Wherever you plan, try and compare few hotels on hotel reviewer sites to have an idea about rentals and do explore the official website to get familiarized with the famous things that are happening during that duration.

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