Insider Tips to Plan a Perfect Lima Vacation – Must Read!

Planning a winter getaway soon? Well Lima is a perfect destination for that! It is your one way ticket to selfies, sunshine and savory snacks. Whether you have visited South America before or you are a newbie, there are always exciting things to discover with your family. So check out the insider tips on planning a perfect vacation and create plentiful memories.

Book a Good Flight Deal

Affordable flight is the first thing any traveler looks for when planning a trip and while there are numerous websites offering you great deals and last minute discounts, it is always wise to check the official website of a particular airline you are wishing to travel with. Most of the times, they provide better discounts and do make this a habit to compare few hotels before booking hotel rooms online as well.

Pay in Cash

It is good to pay by credit or debit card but here at Lima cash mode of payment is preferred. And if you wish to exchange money, don’t do that at Airport vending machines rather visit Calle Nicolas Pierola and around the corner, you will find a street lined with guys holding out dollars who exchange money. You will get good rates there without any risk of counterfeit notes.

Choose your Hotel Wisely

Booking the right hotel makes all the difference for travelers and there are people who want luxury on a budget. For that it is always good to check online hotel deals where you can make easy comparison on the types of services provided against the cost per person. For reviews, there are numerous hotel reviewer sites that give out firsthand information from real hotel visitors. If you wish to stay in a central location so that you are around most landmarks and vacation spots, there are ample of options around the main plaza as well.

Meet the Locals

What fun it is to travel to a new place without mingling with the locals? Make sure to head out to local markets where you can buy stuff for cheaper prices and can also try Peruvian dishes on budget. It is a great way to meet new people and understand their culture. The Surquillo market is a great point to begin your local journey.

Discover Hidden Gems

Head to catacombs of El Convento de San Francisco for a thrilling tour as it displays thousands of skulls and bones remains from the past. The Arqueología e HistoríaDel Perú is also a great place to understand the country’s past.

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