Hoover Dam – Things to do here for Maximum Fun!

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Hoover Dam has been known to be one of the greatest engineering works in history and is visited by more than a million tourists each year. The place is about 30 miles south in Las Vegas and if you are planning to visit Las Vegas anytime soon, make sure you spare a day for Hoover Dam as well. It is a family friendly tourist spot that offers a lot of activities to participate in to double fold the fun.

Here is a quick guide of things to do at the dam:

Tour the Hoover Dam

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The most popular Power plant Tour will take you through an audio and presentation tour along with exhibits about the whole engineering of the place which then leads to the area that keeps the dam running. You go through the Black Canyon for a 30 minute inside tour of the plant. The theater level will help you see photos, displays and maps through another tour; you can also enter the construction tunnel then to Penstock Viewing Platform.

Street Level

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When you reach the dam’s street level, you will witness ‘Winged Figures of the Republic’ which is a bronze statue across the Visitors Center. There is an old exhibit building in the Lake Mead that shows you educational exhibits along with a topographical model of the Colorado River.

On the River

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You can also enjoy a canoe, raft or kayak ride on your own just below Hoover Dam if you contact the livery service to provide you the necessary equipments in advance. For making any kind of reservations to explore the place, you will have to contact the launch permit helpline numbers.

Observation Deck

This place provides panoramic views of Lake Mead and the Dam along with featuring an entrance to the Exhibit Gallery. You also have the option to listen to the audio presentation describing all the interesting and important facts about the place.

Tips and some Warnings

Except Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hover Dam remains open every day for visitors. Buses with luggage, vehicles with hazardous materials and moving vans are not allowed to enter the premises. If you have claustrophobia, defibrillator or pacemaker, you should not take the tours because of the enclosed spaces and the tours being near to generators emitting electromagnetic frequencies respectively.

That was all about the visit to Hover Dam. Ensure that you compare few hotels before you book hotel rooms online. It is always good to plan your trip in advance and various hotel reviewer sites can assist you in checking good online hotel deals.

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