National Mall Guide and all what you can Do during your Next Tour!

National Mall is a popular destination in Washington D.C. It is a long rectangular park which is 3 km long and bordered by Constitution Ave on north and Independence Ave on the southern side.The park is basically divided into two halves – one is with the museums and the other with national memorials. Keep reading to get familiar with how to make your tour amazing!

How to get to the National Mall?

The place is large and basically makes up a big chunk of the downtown area. You can use various forms of transportations to reach here or even drive by yourself. But it is recommended to use a mass transit to make it easier and budget friendly as well. Decide as per your schedule and find out what works the best.

Museums and Attractions to Visit inside the Mall

Air and Space Museum

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This is one of the most visited museums in the city and here you can find a lot of interesting things to look at and learn about like the Apollo 11 Command Module, Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk Flyer, including a moon rock that you can touch.

American History Museum

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Here you can find a collection of old and renowned gowns from the First Ladies, one of the muppets, Julia Child’s kitchen along with an actual flag that flew over Ft. McHenry. This is one of the unique museums around.

Natural History Museum

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With an elephant in the Rotunda and a chance to see the fossils from some of the great American dinosaurs, it is not wise to skip visiting this place. Though the main fossil exhibit is closed until 2019 but there are a couple of interesting things that you can still look at.

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden

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This place features work by Matisse, Pollack, and Picasso as well as by various modern artists. You will also find Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree here which is quite famous among people.

Smithsonian Castle

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To‘Night at the Museum’ movie lovers, this place will look familiar. It is a visitor’s center where you can get a map and other important information about the institution that started it all. You can also pay your respects to James Smithson as well.

Plan your Stay

Make sure you check online hotel deals and book rooms online prior your visit to avoid last minute rush and sky high prices. For best prices, compare few hotels on hotel reviewer sites.

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