Plan your Great Smoky Mountains National Park Visit the Right Way!

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U.S. national parks are world famous for their awe-inspiring natural wonders and people flock
in large quantity to see these landmarks every year. One such famous name among the list is
Great Smoky Mountains National Park which also is the most visited national park in the entire
system. There is so much to see and admire here that every traveler must explore this amazing
place once. Here are some tips to make sure you make the best of your tour!

See the views from Chimney Tops

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The top gains 1,400 feet in elevation and provides spectacular views which makes it a popular
trail at the Great Smoky Mountains. Once up there, you will see wonders of nature which you
will admire all through your life.

Do visit Fontana Dam

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The tallest dam east of Rocky Mountains not just provides hydroelectric power but forms Fontana Lake with a shoreline for fishing and boating which is enjoyed by a lot of tourists.

Tour the Cove

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For terrific wildlife viewing opportunities, consider touring the Cove. You can either drive there or choose to walk stopping at various trails in between. You can spot white tailed deer, coyotes, black bears and more there. Pedestrians and bicyclists are allowed 24 hours a day.

Spot Elk

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The Great Smoky Mountains are also known for elk in addition to the beautiful landscapes. Do make a plan to visit early morning or late evening as these are the best times for elf spotting.

Chase Waterfalls

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Great Smoky Mountains is a great place to vacation among various waterfalls and the best part
is that you can hike up to any of them and enjoy looking at them cascading through a certain
height. The tallest one in the park is at 100 feet. Meigs Falls, The Sinks and Place of a Thousand
Drops are accessible by driving as well.

Staying around

Though there is no entrance fee, but you will still have to make accommodation plans for your
visit to be great. Make hotel rooms booking online through hotel reviewer sites. They also help
you check online hotel deals where you can compare few hotels before booking a package.

Fire in the Sky

Various species of fireflies light up the sky during night at the park and now there are tours for
visitors interested in seeing that as well. Their display is so mesmerizing that if you could, you
should definitely stay up late for that.

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