Best Manhattan Attractions – High Rated Places to Visit Next!

The heart of New York City, Manhattan has some of the most iconic landmarks on display including Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park. You will find the best
restaurants here where you can have a world class meal and then visit scenic gardens and lush parks as well. So what else the place has in store for an avid traveler? Let’s find out!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Opened in 1880, the place is impressive in terms of quality and scale. If you want to avoid the crowd, plan on coming here during a weekday. Purchase the tickets online or at the museum
entrance. You can book a guided tour or can roam around by yourself.

Central Park

America’s first landscaped park, this is one of the most beloved locations in New York City. This place has also been featured in numerous movies, songs and books and once you visit, you can
see the magic of this mesmerizing place yourself. There is an open and party ready picnic spot accompanied by various scenic elements and picturesque paths.

One World Observatory

The tallest building in the United States invites you to enjoy panoramic views of the city from 1,250 feet above the ground. The tour begins from Sky Pods elevators that lead to a two minute video presentation of some of the best city’s landmarks. The tour includes so much more that will simply amaze you.

Governor’s Island

This small island is only seven minutes away from Lower Manhattan by Ferry. Experience amazing views of NYC Skyline while en route and once you reach there, there are no possible
recreational activities that you cannot indulge in. Take your kids along to have a great time.

Some tips:

  • Use Google Maps when you go out on a long tour so that you are aware of the nearby areas and know how far you are from your hotel
  • Be a little patient when you visit a new place and give people time to warm up to you
  • NYC water is clean and safe to drink and you can even ask for a free refill at a restaurant but ask for tap water
  • Don’t drive around here, instead take a taxi or use public transport
  • Keep your belongings safe as it gets really crowded during rush hours

Make sure to check hotel reviewer sites to compare few hotels before you book hotel rooms online. Checking online hotel deals help save money on tour packages

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