NEW YORK STATE-The New York you know, the places you might not

New York state is a heaven for travelers with a diverse and huge list of sightseeing options. The only state with four of the ten most visited tourist attractions in the world, it is no wonder New York occupies the top slot in travelers’ bucket list places. Also called as the Empire state, New York is not just home for the world famous ‘Statue of Liberty’, the majestic Niagara Falls, beautiful Central Park, the timeless Times Square, it is also home for many beautiful and stunning but not so popular places that are hidden in plain sight.

What To See

There are so many options to choose from the never ending list of sightseeing places in New York state, but What we brought you today are some of the beautiful yet least known places to spend a great and peaceful holiday.

Finger Lakes

Will you call it a mystery if we say that someone might have put their hand prints in nature and those imprints now turned into ‘Finger Lakes’? Or You could say maybe we are just imagining things. Whatever you say, you can’t deny the fact that ‘Finger Lakes’ derive its name from eleven lakes that look like finger prints. An ideal spot for biking, skiing and hiking this region is also filled with wine, beer and cheese trails. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture with great culinary choices.

Letchworth State Park

Fondly called as the “Grand canyon of the East”, Letchworth is worth every minute of your time. With three gorgeous waterfalls and stunning peaks of almost 600ft height, this place is a paradise on earth for nature lovers. This park is a great place for hiking, camping and long drive. The hiking trails lead you through breathtaking views of canyons, mountains and waterfalls.

Thousand Islands

Nature is creative and naughty at times and Thousand Islands is a proof for that. With more than 1600 individual islands, this place looks as if nature has played the dots game. Just take a cruise ride and enjoy the fresh, clean air with breathtaking views and stunning houses and hotels built on the islands. Make sure you visit Boldt Castle, a beautiful structure floating on one of the thousand islands.

Lake George

Nicknamed as the ‘Queen of American Lakes’ this lake is filled with clear and calm water and it is home for significant number of recreational activities like parasailing, fishing, diving, jet skiing, hiking, golfing, horseback riding and more. Because of its minor popularity the number of tourists is less which makes it an ideal vacation place for relaxing and re-energizing your souls.

Mount Marcy

Bring out the hiker spirit in you, Mount Marcy, the tallest mountain in New York with 5,343 feet height. challenges you to reach its peak and enjoy stunning views of nature. Though a bit tough, the trek is totally worth it.

Museum of the Moving Image

A must visit place for the lovers of cinema and television. This place is filled with artifacts related to the history, art and technology of film, television and digital media. A very interactive museum that takes you back in history of movies from decades and immerses you with the nostalgia of many famous films.

Where To Stay

You need a good night’s rest for a better travel experience and the place you stay decides how much you enjoy a trip. You can find the best and affordable list of hotels on Trip Reviewer where you can check hotel reviews online and also you can use the website for online hotel booking.

How To Visit

NY State has at least 5 major airports serving the travelers to enter the state, of them JFK international airport is the biggest and busiest airports with large number of flights. Almost all airlines serve flights to NY state, you can check them on Trip Reviewer and book tickets at best prices.

When To Visit

NY state is a four season state. With pleasant temperatures and beautiful foliage, Summer and Spring ranging from June to September are the most ideal seasons to visit. However if you are fan of snowfall, February and March are the best months with spring season slowly taking over.

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