Castle Clinton National Park – Why you should Visit here Next!

Castle Clinton National Monument

Castle Clinton was one of the four immigration centersbuilt to prevent British invasion in 1812. And now it serves as a welcoming tourist spot for locals and tourists alike. It has been a beer garden, a public aquarium, a theater and a lot more things since its inception and people enjoy spending time here with friends and family. Castle Clinton National Park also serves as a departure point for Ellis Islandand Statue of Liberty National Monument.

Things to know before you come

  • The site opens at 8:30 am in the morning and there is a ticket booth inside where the line is formed prior opening time. So you can reach beforehand or book tickets online in advance as well
  • Any kind of sharp object, weapon or dual use items that can be termed as dangerous are not allowed inside the premises or on ferry.
  • Large packages, carry-on luggage and suitcases are not allowed on ferry either.

Interesting Facts about the Park

  • Though the Clinton Castle was equipped with cannons, it never actually got a chance to fire upon the enemy in any war. Initially it was called the Southwest Battery but later renamed after the late New York Governor, Dewitt Clinton.
  • Castle Clinton also served as an entertainment center between years 1823-1854. It featured as a beer garden, exhibition hall, opera house and a restaurant. This castle was quite famous during that tenure and termed as one of the liveliest places around.
  • The castle was used as an immigrant landing depot and approximately 8 million immigrants arrived to Manhattan between years 1855-1890. A lot of famous people were also a part of the group and you can know about them in one of the guided tours of the Castle.
  • The castle was first municipal aquarium of New York and with its graceful archways, tanks surrounded by plants and glass paned roof; it attracted a lot of people and still is one of the most popular tourist attraction.
  • The surrounding area to the castle is home to various species and you can have a tour around and spot a lot of animals there.
  • There is so much that your whole family can do here. So consider booking hotel rooms online by checking online hotel deals in advance. There are some hotel reviewer sites that can help you compare few hotels and then provide you discounted booking along with helping you book a tour. Get in touch with them and plan accordingly!

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