Napa Valley – What to keep in mind when Visiting the Wine Country!

Napa Valley has become a hot vacation spot, thanks to the tiered hillsides, illustrious estates,wine caverns, stellar sceneries and top class hotels. The sumptuous resorts here cater to every guest’s indulgence. But there is one thing that Napa Valley is world famous for i.e. the wineries.More than 400 of these dot the fertile soils of the valley that makes it one of the world’s best vulticultural regions. That being said, it is not uncommon to find wineries overcrowded during your visit and this might make you miss the things that you initially planned to explore.

So don’t let that ruin your trip and follow the suggestions mentioned below to make your Napa Valley tour a memorable one.

Plan ahead-The hotels around here fill up quite fast and before you know it, you are facing
two months waiting time. So plan your trip months ahead and book hotel rooms online in advance if you don’t want to pay the double of what is required. For reasonable discounts visit hotel reviewer sites, compare a few hotels and check online hotel deals.

Know about the Weather –The north end of Napa Valley is usually warmer than the South as
San Francisco Bay keeps it cooler. So on a hot day, plan on exploring the Southern region of the valley.

Plan a visit mid-week –There will be a lot less traffic and you might find hotels at lower rates.Tasting rooms will be more relaxed and you can spend more time there exploring various tastes.

What to wear –While planning a winery tour, bring a jacket or an extra layer along as it gets
colder in the caves. For a trip to vineyard, pick footwear that can withstand gravel, dusty paths and soft dirt.

Tuscany vineyards in fall

Make Reservations –– Many wineries require them and you won’t be allowed entry without a prior reservation in hand, so keep this thing in mind.

Choose the Right Experience –Some wine tastings are the usual standing at a bar, sharing drink
with a group of people, while others seem like a fancy party with proper sitting arrangements and food pairing, so plan your experience accordingly.

Download a Map –Avoid traffic jams and follow a route which is less likely to be congested.
Take help from local people if you find yourself lost anywhere as hospitality is another thing Napa Valley is famous for.

There is a lot to explore here besides the wineries. The Gourmet specialty food at Oxbow Market is quite renowned around here or you can also try baked good at the Hatt Mill.

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